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These pdf files are available for free downloading using the Abode Acrobat Reader. New arrangements are added at irregular intervals.

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 I have received many requests for scores, so I have included them on this page. My scores are working documents and are not edited for publication, so do not expect a fininshed document.
I do not guarantee that the score and the parts are in agreement and accept no responsibility in case of differences.
If scores are used for competitions, I would like to know the outcome. Please send me a contact.

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New! For Clarinet Players! Click here CLARINET ARRANGEMENTS for FREE arrangements for CLARINET QUARTETS AND QUINTETS. The new clarinet page will develop gradually just as the saxophone page has done. I hope this will be useful to many people who play clarinet only or who play both clarinet and saxophone.

Files are SATB except as noted in "Comments". "SaATB" means the arrangement can be played SATB or AATB.

Difficulty is based on a scale of 1(Elementary) to 7(Very difficult for an amateur). You are welcome to disagree with my ratings.

These arrangements/compositions are intended for use by non-professional saxophonists. Any sale of this music for profit is a violation of my copyrights.

Perform these arrangements at concerts, but please ask me before recording them. ALWAYS give credit to the composer and arranger when performing, whether in concert or on

Please let me know of any problems with the downloads or with the music. Contact Bruce Evans

Saxophone Solo

MIDI SCORE Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring [JS Bach] 4 Solo for Bb Sax or Clarinet with keyboard acc.

New! Saxophone Quintets

MIDI SCORE Wind Quintet No.2, Presto [G. Cambini] 6 SSATB (two Sopranos). Fast and lively. The Presto is Mvmt. 3
MIDI SCORE Jubilate Te Deum [G.F. Handel] 4 SAATB (two Altos). Celebratory piece for a military victory.
MIDI SCORE String Quintet No. 1 [F. Mendelssohn] 6 SATTB (two Tenors). Difficult but very nice concert piece.

Baroque and Earlier

MIDISCORE        TITLE (Click for PARTS)
MIDI SCORE If Thou Be Near (Bist Du Bei Mir) [J.S. Bach] 4 Arranged by John Mills, SaATB, Slow, powerful religious tune.
MIDI SCORE La Raspona [Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690)] 4 New Version, Jan 2017. Trio Sonata, early polyphonic.
MIDI SCORE In den angenehmen buschen (G.F. Handel) 4 My favorite.
MIDI SCORE So Shall the Lute and Harp Awake (G.F. Handel) 4 Wonderful aria, melissmatic.
MIDI SCORE Blute nur, du Liebe Herz (JS Bach) 4 Sop. solo w/organ style accompaniment.
MIDI SCORE Stabat Mater (Giovanni Pergolesi) 4 Arr. Al Bates. Slow, minor, great for church.
MIDI SCORE Sheep May Safely Graze (JS Bach) 4 New Arrangement Jan 2017. Played any time, but especially at Christmas
MIDI SCORE Canon in D Major [J. Pachelbel] 4 SaATB. New Version. Especially popular at Christmas.
MIDI SCORE Larghetto [A. Vivaldi] 4 Formal and stately. Sounds good at Moderato tempo.
MIDI SCORE Amor s'Apprende [Donaudy] 3 SaATB. Nice easy melody, lute style.
MIDI SCORE Charmant Papillon [Andre' Campras (1660-1744)] 4 SaATB. Beautiful concert piece. French baroque style.
MIDI SCORE Sing Unto God [G.F. Handel]] 4 SaATB. Soaring Anthem.
MIDI SCORE Jubilate [G.F. Handel] 4 SATB. Joyful Anthem celebrating victory.
MIDI SCORE Overture to Ode for St. Cecilia's Day [G.F. Handel] 4 SATB. Delightful melody
MIDI SCORE Fugue in G Minor (The Little Fugue) BWV 578 [JS Bach] 6 SATB. One of Bach's greatest organ fugues.
MIDI SCORE Anthem for Christmas Day, Overture [Henry Purcell] 6 SaATB Arr. John Mills. Adagio intro, then bright and fast moving.
MIDI SCORE O Thou that Tellest (G.F.Handel) 4 SaATB aria from Messiah, solo voice in the alto sax.


MIDISCORE        TITLE (Click for PARTS)
      Serenade No. 11 (W.A. Mozart)
MIDI SCORE           Part 1 Alleg. Maestoso 6 Fast and lively.
MIDI SCORE           Part 2 Minuetto 3 Simple minuet.
MIDI SCORE           Part 3 Adagio 6 Some very difficult passages.
MIDI SCORE           Part 4 Minuetto 3 Simple Minuet, not worthy of Mozart.
MIDI SCORE           Part 5 Allegro 5 Fast and lively.
      Sinfonia (JC Bach) 5
MIDI SCORE           Part 1 Allegro 5 One of JC Bach's best sinfonias.
MIDI SCORE           Part 2 Andante 5 Beautiful. My favorite part.
MIDI SCORE           Part 3 Presto 5 Must be played fast.
MIDI SCORE Presto from Wind Quintet No. 2 [G. Cambini] 6 SATB. Very fast and lively. Presto is Movement 3.
MIDI SCORE Divertimento in Bb Mvmts I and II [F.J. Haydn] 4 1st Mvmt is Allegro, 2nd Mvmt is Chorale di St. Antoni
MIDI SCORE Ave Verum (W.A. Mozart) 4 Easy notes, difficult music.
MIDI SCORE The Heavens Are Telling [F.J. Haydn] 5 From the oratorio "The Creation"
MIDI SCORE Sing The Lord Ye Voices All [F.J. Haydn] 5 SaATB. Lively final chorus of the oratorio "The Creation"
MIDI   SCORE  Quartet fr. String Quartet 17 (W.A.Mozart) 3 SaATB simple minuet
MIDI SCORE The Magic Flute Overture [W.A. Mozart] 6 Lively and lovely. Difficult tonguing in S and A parts.
MIDI SCORE Serenade in C Minor Mvmt I Allegro [W.A. Mozart] 5 Another very nice melodic piece
MIDI SCORE Serenade 10 3rd Mvmt. Adagio [W.A. Mozart] 4 Very slow, beautiful melody. Used in 'Amadeus'.
MIDI SCORE Serenade 10 1st Mvmt. Allegro molto[W.A. Mozart] 6 Excellent piece. Largo intro, then Allegro molto.

circa 19th Century

MIDISCORE        TITLE (Click for PARTS)
MIDI SCORE Clair de Lune [Debussy] 6 SATB. Impressionist view of moonlight. Difficult timing and coordination. Good advanced teaching piece.
MIDI SCORE Donizetti Sinfonia for Winds in G minor [G. Donizetti] 4 SATB. Lively concert piece with operatic-sounding themes. Transposed to A minor for saxes.
MIDI SCORE Traumerei [R. Schumann] 3 Arr. John Mills, SATB, soothing slow (Lento) melody suggesting daydreaming or reverie
MIDI SCORE Gesu Bambino [Pietro A. Yon] 5 SATB Beautiful religious Christmas melody.
MIDI SCORE The Thunderer [John Phillip Sousa] Arr. John Mills 4 SaATB Famous Sousa March Arr. John Mills
MIDI SCORE Notturno from string Quartet No. 2 [Borodin] 3 SATB Haunting melody, used in the Broadway musical "Kismet".
MIDI SCORE Scherzo from string Quartet No. 2 [Borodin] 5 SATB Lively scherzo with a tune you will know. Used in "Kizmet".
MIDI SCORE Fidanzata avventurosa (Verdi) 2 SaATB Simple, beautiful aria from the opera Oberto
MIDI SCORE Barber of Seville Overture (Rossini) 5 Bugs Bunny loves it.
MIDI SCORE Panis Angelicus (Cesar Franck) 3 Well known choral hymn.
MIDI SCORE When You And I Were Young, Maggie (Butterfield) 3 Retirement home favorite
MIDI SCORE A Stephen Foster Medley (S. Foster) 4 Six favorite Foster tunes.
MIDI SCORE Fuga (Mendelssohn) 5 Fugue written in the 19th century.
MIDI SCORE God So Loved The World (Sir John Stainer) 4 Church music. Lovely chord changes.
MIDI SCORE Cappricio (F. Mendlessohn) 7 Too long for most audiences.
MIDI SCORE Ivory Palaces (H. Barraclough) 4 Nice old hymn.
MIDI SCORE Wir Wandleten (J. Brahms) 3 SaATB. Very smooth, easy melody.
MIDI SCORE String Quartet 12, 1st Mvmt. (A. Dvorak) 9 Extremely difficult. 2gig file.
MIDI SCORE Funeral March of a Marionet (Charles Gounod) 5 Alfred Hitchcock theme.
MIDI SCORE Perpetuum Mobile (J. Strauss) 5 Lively 8-bar variations. Fun to play.
mp3   NO  The Star Spangled Banner (F.S. Key) 3 SaATB. Arr. John Yingst, Yingstmeister Music(ASCAP). USA National Anthem.
MIDI SCORE Battle Hymn of the Republic [Steffe] 3 SaATB. USA patriotic song. You will love the ending.
MIDI SCORE Pavane for a Dead Princess [M. Ravel] 5 A pop song "The Lamp Is Low" was derived from this piece.
MIDI SCORE Petite Sym. For Woodwinds:Part 1 [Gounod, C.] 4 NEW VERSION with a few changes. Adagio and Allegretto, lively and very nice.
MIDI SCORE Petite Sym. For Woodwinds:Movement 2 Andanta Cantabile [Gounod, C.] 4 Beautiful and fun to play. tempo should be approx. 60.
MIDI SCORE Petite Sym. For Woodwinds:Part 3 [Gounod, C.] 4 Scherzo, a lively gallop.
MIDI SCORE Petite Sym. For Woodwinds:Finale [Gounod, C.] 3 Nice, easy concert piece.
MIDI SCORE Pavane (Gabriel Faure) 4 Melodic concert piece.
MIDI SCORE William Tell Overture - Finale [Rossini] 9 Famous "Lone Ranger" theme. VERY DIFFICULT.
MIDI SCORE Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes 4 Old English love song. Nice melody.
      Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 (Edvard Grieg) 5
MIDI SCORE           Morning Mood 5 Well known, beautiful reverie. Especially good chord changes.
MIDI SCORE           The Death of Asa 5 Somber funeral dirge.
MIDI SCORE           Anitra's Dance 5 Lively, accelerating dance.
MIDI SCORE           In The Hall of the Mountain King 5 Lively celebration music.

Compositions by Bruce Evans

MIDISCORE        TITLE (Click for PARTS)
mp3 SCORE The Diamond State Rag [Bruce Evans] 4 Ragtime.
MIDI SCORE Sweetie Pie [Bruce Evans] 4 Ballad, named by and for my wife.
MIDI SCORE Lemon Meringue [Bruce Evans] 5 SaATB. Lively merengue'.
MIDI SCORE Badinage [Bruce Evans] 4 In the style of the Debussy Preludes. Weird.
MIDI SCORE Hip Is What? [Bruce Evans] 4 Pseudo funk. Fast tonguing for baritone player.

Arrangements and Compositions by Wendell Hobbs

MIDISCORE        TITLE (Click for PARTS)
mp3 SCORE The All-Seeing Eye [arr. Hobbs] 4 Close Harmony Jazz
mp3 SCORE Delawhere? [Comp./Arr. Hobbs] 5 A study in contrary motion
mp3 SCORE Blue Bossa [K. Dorham] 4 Wendell's fun version of a jazz classic.
mp3 SCORE 4 In The Morning [w. Hobbs] 3 Music for waking up early.
mp3 SCORE Decaf After Dark [W. Hobbs] 3 Sounds like a film noire detective story.
mp3 SCORE Whisper Not [Benny Golson] 4 Beautiful harmonies, ingenious interplay, don't miss this one.
mp3 SCORE Doxology [W. Hobbs] 4 A Study on Sonny Rollins' 'Doxy'.
mp3 SCORE Moonlight Memories [W. Hobbs] 4 A medley. Fabulous voicing.
mp3 SCORE Summer Shadows [W. Hobbs] 4 Medley of summer and shadow.
mp3 SCORE Strollin' [Horace Silver] 4 Wendell makes this Silver classic come alive.
mp3 SCORE Alors, Heureuse? (So, Happy?) [Christophe Delvalle'] 6 Exciting arrangement of a work by French pianist/composer Delvalle'
mp3 SCORE Bleu Nuit (Blue Night) [Christophe Delvalle'] 6 Very nice arrangement of a Delvalle' multi-style piece.
mp3 SCORE Rendezvous [Vince Trombetta] 6 Moody tune with nice jazz waltz embedded.
mp3 SCORE Cantique [Christophe Devalle'] 6 Nice changes, bossa nova in the middle, Wendell writes excellent solos.
mp3 SCORE Amber Noir [Christophe Devalle'] 5 Haunting melody featuring soprano sax.
mp3 SCORE Stan's Idea [Lennie Niehaus] 5 Nice interpretation of a Niehaus tune.
mp3 SCORE Remember Wendell [Lennie Niehaus] 6 Written by Niehaus as "Remember When".
mp3 SCORE You're It [Lennie Niehaus] 5 Another great arrangement of a Niehaus tune.
mp3 SCORE Mr. K Is A-OK [W. Hobbs] 4 An original Wendell Hobbs blues composition.
mp3 SCORE Workin' It [W. Hobbs] 5 Another Wendell Hobbs blues, a little faster.
mp3 SCORE Bird Lives [arr. W. Hobbs] 6 Very nice arr. of Charlie Parker tunes.
mp3 SCORE Blue Night - not so very silent [W. Hobbs] 4 Bluesy jazz interpretation of "Silent Night".
mp3 SCORE Winter Wendell [W. Hobbs] 4 Jazz interpretation of "Winter Wonderland" (by Felix Bernard) [W. Hobbs]
mp3 SCORE Blue Sleeves [W. Hobbs] 4 Jazz interpretation of "Greensleeves" [W. Hobbs]
mp3 SCORE More Than You Know [Youmans/Cahn] 4 Wendell gave this one a lot of different rhythms!
mp3 SCORE Yesterdays [Jerome Kern] 4 Dreamy, with a nice opportunity for soprano ad lib.
Wendell's mp3's are by Dr. Len Anderson. Len's Website
Contact Wendell Hobbs

Traditional and Folk

MIDISCORE        TITLE (Click for PARTS)
MIDI SCORE Three Blind Mice 4 SATB. Fast and lively version of a familiar tune.
MIDI SCORE Suo Gan (Welsh Lullaby) 3 SaATB. Nice melody, audience favorite.
MIDI SCORE Shenandoah 3 SaATB. American folk ballad.

Ragtime, Jazz, and Miscellaneous

MIDISCORE        TITLE (Click for PARTS)
MIDI SCORE Smile [Charlie Chaplin, et. al.] 3 SaATB. Arranged by Ben Bram of "Pentatonix". Excellent arrangement of a Depression-era tune. KEY CHANGE 3FEB19
MIDI SCORE Bandolier March [Eric Osterling] in Bb 3 SATB. Arr. John Mills. A very nice March in Bb.
MIDI SCORE Bandolier March [Eric Osterling] in Ab 3 SaATB. Arr. John Mills. A very nice March. Lowered to Ab for AATB quartets.
MIDI SCORE Muskrat Ramble [Edward "Kid" Ory] 4 SATB. A Dixieland classic. Great fun to play.
MIDI SCORE Early Autumn [Ralph Burns and Woody Herman] 4 SATB. Jazz classic ballad from Woody Herman band.
MIDI SCORE I Got It Bad [Duke Ellington] 3 SaATB. Special arrangement by Jack Williams with excellent chord changes.
MIDI SCORE When Sunny Gets Blue [Marvin Fisher] 3 SaATB. V3, one note changed. Well-known jazz ballad with nice chord changes.
MIDI SCORE Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen [George Cates] 4 Lawrence Welk closing theme... For retirement home concerts.
MIDI SCORE Orchids In The Moonlight (Youmanns et. al.) 3 Tango.
MIDI SCORE Nonette Rag (Spencer) 4 Very nice rag, written in 1912, NOT by Scott Joplin.
MIDI SCORE Saxophobia (Rudy Wiedoeft) 6 Arr. John Mills. Very fast.
MIDI SCORE Riverboat Shuffle (H. Carmichael) 4 Hoagy Carmichael's first tune.
MIDI SCORE High Society (Porter/Steele) 4 Easy. Audiences like it.
MIDI SCORE Tiger Rag (anonymous) 6 Interesting rhythms.
MIDI SCORE Elite Syncopations (Scott Joplin) 4 Arr. Alan Bates. Ragtime.
MIDI SCORE Peacherine Rag 4 Ragtime.
MIDI SCORE While Strolling Through The Park One Day (Ed Haley) 4 1890's tune, jazzed up.
MIDI SCORE The Kid [E. Ory] 5 Baritone sax feature, Dixie style.
MIDI SCORE South [Moten/Hayes] 4 Bright, happy tune. Early jazz, swing eighths.
MIDI SCORE Weeping Willow Rag [Scott Joplin] 4 Another Joplin rag. they are all good..